Suspicious request

I have gotten two requests this week,asking to sell blank kits. One from someone in China, one in India.
Since the rise of counterfeit kits is so prevalent lately, I don’t trust anyone.
Thanks but no thanks.
I know how it feels to have your work stolen. These sculptors work so hard, and should not have to deal with this.


Do you think they want to copy them? Whose kits were they looking for? Maybe you could warn the sculptors.

I don’t know if they want to copy. Just weird, if they are new artists that they wouldn’t ask for assistance in starting(where to buy kits,etc) instead of purchasing blank kits from me. I do not sell kits,or advertise that I do.
Then again, they could buy blank kits easily from dealers.
Just thought it was weird. All full bodies too.

That IS strange if you don’t even advertise that you sell kits. What on earth made them contact you? It must be some kind of scam or attempt to plagiarize. Kits are readily available from other sources. I guess there is no sense trying to figure out what they are doing, but just make sure they don’t use you to do it! :smile: