Susan Nagle hair

Has anyone used Susan’s mohair? Does anyone know where to get it? (She doesn’t seem to have anything on ebay right now.) I haven’t used it but I like the dolls I have seen done with it.

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I use it all the time (hers and Slumberlands are the only 2 I really like though there are others out there I have never tried so I’m sure there are other nice ones.) …City of Reborn Angels sells it here in Oz but it would probably be cheaper if you can find somewhere in the USA or from her direct…It is $46 - 1/2 oz…(that is Aussie dollars so would be about $33 + whatever shipping she charges…so not sure what cost in the end - …Elna is a super lady to deal with too…)

Thanks Starr. I found her website here. Her hair is $70 an ounce which is pretty good really and I have heard such good things about her hair.

I have always heard great things about her hair also Helen. Go for it!!!

My daughter was just given a bunch of nice human hair from a lady who used to be a beautitian in Norway. It’s very soft, like a childs. She gave it to me. So one of my toddlers will get that, but next order I make, I am going to try Susan Nagle. Thanks friends.


Her mohair is wonderful. It is easy to root with no waste. I usually bid at least once a year from her and stock up at that time. It is expensive but worth it.

Thanks, Paula. I think I’ll try some when I get a chance.