Survey--please vote

I would like to know where you would place yourself within these three categories as compared to your peers here on BB. Thank you.

Please note—I am restarting this based on the categories being in relation to others on this forum.

Well…I think Linda Moore, Ruth Annette, Marie Gambus and several others (who are regularly on my watch list) falls into the Advanced category. I wish I had the time and money to devote to this craft to achieve their level of technique and perfection. BUT I am content to slowly work my way up through the INTERMEDIATE CATEGORY.

I do think these groups vary in size. The beginner group is self explanatory. Just starting…asking lots of questions…figuring out technique…getting comfortable.

We may move into the intermediate level after just 3 or 4 babies if we have a natural affinity to art and can process intuitively the steps and different products we use regularly or it may take years to move beyond the beginner stage if this is a struggle and not naturally something we excel at.
I see the intermediate level as the biggest group with many levels of competence and quality. Someone can be beyond beginner and still not be producing a good product. Sad but true!

And then there are those who have arrived. Their creations are almost unbelievable in their realism and their ability to translate ‘life’ into vinyl and paint is just like a carrot in front of a donkey that keeps some of us inspired enough to keep going…

I guess I’m looking more at where you place yourself among your peers here at BB.

Me I am a beginner. If I had more time and energy to devote to my babies I hope I would be better. I have not been reborning for a year yet and no way am i anythign but beginner.

Not sure if I am a beginner or intermediate.I started in December I have done 8 kits stripped almost all of them and redone all of them because I have no doll money right now,and I am obsessed. Some of my babies are better than some beginners and some are by far better than mine so idk…I guess intermediate for me!!!

Okay…then I consider myself advanced and competent in all areas except rooting. I have yet to be happy with rooting or painting the tiny hairs around the face and I cannot get a German forked needle to work for me so I still struggle with the rooting of one individual hair (even with a one barb needle ) and spend a day plucking and getting it where I’m happy with it. If I could paint hair so I see hair and not paint or figure out the stinking forked needle I think I could replicate some of the better dolls we are seeing. By trying to copy what they are achieving I find myself trying things that may have scared me before. Like I said in my earlier post, I am inspired by those who have figured out the WHOLE process.

Beginner here! I’m still working on my 2nd and 3rd. Just can’t get skin-tone just how I want…

I would say advanced but still trying to improve.

i say intermediate i still have issues lol

I voted advanced for myself. I consider myself advanced and competent in all areas except rooting as well. I have been doing this for just over a year and made more than 60 babies. There is ALWAYS room for improvement no matter what you do. My rooting is no where near “good” LOL, but I feel my grasp of the art is firm and my babies turn out pretty good (in my own opinion)

haha I voted first then read what everyone else said…

i voted intermediate, but thats how i feel about myself! LOL

I have been reborning for 3years and made over 70 babies!

Id say I am intermediate I wont say i am advanced until i sell a doll for 600 bucks… lol.

I voted intermediate for myself, even though I’ve been reborning for 10 years and have made more than 400 babies, NO WAY do I consider myself “advanced.” I am still learning right along with everyone else. Now, if one of my babies ever sells for more than $400 I’ll think I HAVE ARRIVED…and you’re gonna hear me shouting it from the rooftop!

I need to change my vote. The most I have sold a baby for is $300 !!

I voted intermediate because I thought I was past beginner but after seeing who thinks they are intermediate that I thought were advanced, maybe I need to go back to beginner beginner! No one is ever totally satisfied with their own work. So while we may go “wow”, the person who made the baby may go “oops,I did that wrong”. Maybe advanced should be over x number of babies plus number of years or compared to the rest of us… Totally surprized at some who still consider themselves intermediate! Still kept myself in intermediate because I am just above beginner.

I think I am intermediate- working towards advanced- been about 2 and half years now- I think I have made around 100 dolls. I hope to keep improving!

I didn’t vote in this poll but I can say that there are beginners who hit the ground running and can in a matter of a few months produce a reborn that will rival any top dollar selling baby on Ebay. Then there are those who have been reborning for many years and while they might classify themselves as advanced because of their time in it their babies still haven’t progressed past a beginner or intermediate stage. I think it is sometimes very hard for one to be honest about one’s own ability or lack thereof so realistically speaking I don’t believe that this poll really clarifies a lot since it is based on biased self opinions.

I can say about myself that I have been reborning since 2004 and I have definitely progressed past the beginner stage but I am not in the category of those who are so advanced that they get top dollar. For example, I have painstakingly tried to learn to micro root pulling only one hair at a time and poking it in and I just can not get that going. I have decided that is probably never going to be my method and I am okay with that because I can still root a decent head of hair. I don’t feel the need to categorize myself, submit my work to others for voting, garner everyone else’s approval or anything else of that nature. I just like to reborn dolls and I do it for the enjoyment I get from it. I strive to keep improving and hopefully bring joy to others along the way.

— Begin quote from “kathrynpgadomski”

Id say I am intermediate I wont say i am advanced until i sell a doll for 600 bucks… lol.

— End quote

i have sold a few at this mark… maybe i should re-vote!! LOL

I’ve sold one for a little over $400 - now where should I place myself? I’ve voted intermediate

i really don’t think that the price you sell a baby at should be a judge of your level. I have seen some UGLY babies sell for over $300 dollars!! It just depends on what your competition is at that exact moment and what people are looking for. If you buy one of these limited edition kits for $150 dollars… Of course it will sell for more money than a $20 kit from BB, even if it is very badly done! Collectors are not dumb, they know what sculpts are out there and they know how much they are worth. That being said, i have been reborning for about 4 months and only finished 5 babies, but i voted as intermediate. I compared to some i would call “beginner” and to those that are “to die for” and i fall somewhere in between. THis doesn’t mean by any means that I have reached my highest potential. I am still learning and each baby gets better and better. At this point i am not sure i could replicate some of my babies LOL! I don’t remember what i did and in what order!! They are all experiments at this point. and although they are all worthy of selling, and my latest is probably worth $250-$300, i have yet to sell any.