"Surreal" reborn kits?

I’m thinking of making some fantasy babies (elves, fairies, etc.) and I was wondering which kits were the most “whimsical” to you guys! I LOVE Ofelia, but she’s ridiculously expensive at this point. I was thinking that Irelyn might actually make a good elf if I pointed her ears… Andi Awake by Linda Murray is one of my favorites, and I think she could be good too (just in a different way). Any ideas?


BBs faith kit always reminds me of a little fairy.


I think Joey, Cooper, Hannah or Elsie would make nice fantasy reborns because of their big round eyes.

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I think Irelyn is more of a gremlin.


I love Karola Wegerich’s Ira. http://www.irresistables.com/product/99-IRA/Ira-The-Elf-Vinyl-Doll-Kit-By-Karola-Wegerich. The kit is sold out, but surely someone has one to sell.


I have a Bonnie Brown LE Pixie finished reborn. She would make a great sculpt for what you’re looking for. Because she’s a LE I don’t know how hard she’d be to find but someone somewhere probably has a kit for sale. I love her!!!

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I saw a Bonnie Brown Pixie kit for sale on eBay last night. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll get you the link