Super Busy Lately!

Hi all of my friends I’m sorry I haven’t had time to post lately
All of my kids are doing well
Logan and
Willow flower

She’s 14 months now and walking and I can’t wait to share some picture
My husband and I just opened our own convenience/candy/ vintage toy store and we had to demo the whole thing and build, so between all that we are so busy, I have no time for dolls at all!
I wanted to pop in and say hello and hope you all are well
See you all in a while!

Hugs Katie


Sounds like you are on an exciting adventure!

Miss you Katie when you’re not around. Thanks for dropping by to say ‘HI’. I want to see new pics of the kids. =)

It’s good to hear from you! We all miss your presence on the forum and miss seeing pictures of your beautiful family,

Here’s my stores page!!!

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Beautiful store! Wish I lived close enough to take Catherine there! Her eyes would pop out of her head with so many choices! How do you keep your kids from ODing on “taste tests”?!! Let us know when you start the vintage toy section…no fighting, folks, all the cute baby and doll stuff is mine!!!