Summer Baby Exchange!

I am super bummed that I missed the Mother’s Day “SWAP”. And since I don’t see any others going on here or anywhere else, I thought I would give it a try. I spent today researching other contests, the good and the bad. I think I have come up with a way to guarantee all who participate receives a baby in return! YAY! I figured now is the best time to start and get it over before Christmas starts looming!

If you are interested in participating, please follow the link below to the entry form and rules of the exchange! … 4/viewform

My only thought is that if this takes place here, they should be BB babies.

Yes only BB babies and how does the person who dose the baby know which to do?

That is fine. Which baby to do is completely up to the reborn artist. This isn’t a custom. It just has to be a kit 19-24" in size. Doing a “custom” baby interferes withe the guarantee of receiving a baby in return.

Oh got ya, thank you for clarifying that to me.

Good luck with this. “Unknown female” did the Mother’s Day swap and had 3 participants but since you are including more than one forum in this swap, perhaps you will have better participation… Swaps are not for me…I have seen too many disappointing babies…

Best of luck with your swap; I’ll never participate in another one – once burned, twice shy, as they say. I’ll be anxious to see pics of swap babies as they arrive.

Thanks ladies. Karen- I am hoping that doing it this way, no one will be burned. The names and addresses being exchanged will only be the ones in the end who have verified with me through pictures that their babies are boxed and ready to ship. That way only those who have completed a baby will be getting one in return!

ahh im so on the fence ive never done a swap before because ive seen to many good artists end up with “not so good” reborns … im trying to decide if i should just join a swap like this one or try to find an equally talented artist to swap with privately

Wasn’t really the reborner’s skill or lack thereof that bothered me…it was receiving a doll filled with DIRT. Yes, DIRT. I know all reborners have different skill levels, and that’s fine, but what I received was disgusting. If anyone wants to PM me, I’ll be happy to show pictures. I am very leery of swaps, no matter how many check points there are along the way…a scammer is a scammer and can figure out a way around check points. I’m not trying to cause a big stink, but I think people need to be aware that just because we all seem to be friends here, there can be a rat in the pack, so beware and be ready to accept whatever. I’d hate for anyone to be as shocked and disappointed as I was.

OMG…and here I’ve been hoping that maybe Etsy would be the way to go – guess not. Gee.

I hesitated to say what I did about the swap situation, but I really think people should know what can and HAS happened – I feel as if I know so many here, but in reality, we don’t really know each other at all. I tend to want to trust people but I got over that in a big hurry when I opened that box. I am not the only one it happened, too, either. Just so everyone knows and is willing to go ahead and take whatever they get.

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I’ll join a swap when my reborning skills get better…I’d feel too weird getting a really nice doll but sending what Pia said, a “disappointing doll” If all were at pretty much the same skill level then I don’t think it would bother me as much but I know my eyebrows, hair rooting and nail tips need a lot of work and I wouldn’t feel right sending anything but the best.

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That’s how I feel. I would be happy to get a baby from an artist at my skill level, but I am sure that those who have been reborning longer would be disappointed by my babies. So I’ll wait until I am more confident in my skills.

There have been so many bad things happen. I am so sorry not many want to participate. I was not aware any one used dirt in their babies. I read some where a lady was using sterilized play sand in hers but she is doing them for her children. I heard one time someone used latex gloves to put their glass beads and BB’s in the body. I guess those who do not sew have a problem, and this was a solution.

I may not be able to participate this time because of having to have back surgery (possibly two). Just wanted to say that I wish even beginners would join in as long as they used the right materials. If you don’t like the doll you get, give it to someone later. If you are using bb kits, then it isn’t a big loss financially. I just hear some aren’t joining because they feel they aren’t good enough and some because they are better. I figure I’ll know more by Tuesday when the surgery is over!

I have used non-latex disposable vinyl gloves to hold the fine glass beads in the bodies along with fiberfill. The beads are too fine to put in nylon stockings. Is there a reason not to do this? Thanks

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I have used non-latex disposable vinyl gloves to hold the fine glass beads in the bodies along with fiberfill. The beads are too fine to put in nylon stockings. Is there a reason not to do this? Thanks

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There are a lot of ladies that use non-latex gloves to hold the glass beads and I don’t think this is wrong. The latex gloves will break down and fall apart over time, so they should not be used… Vinyl and nitrile are durable though.

I did not say anything was wrong with it it is just something different from what I do.

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I did not say anything was wrong with it it is just something different from what I do.

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I am so sorry to hear you feel this way about BB. As far as there being liars, thieves and bad people, they are every where. I have been here for little over a year and I love most of the ladies here. I have had periods when thru specific intent or not I had my feelings hurt. But I was a member some where else and there was so much drama there I won’t go back. I just have cried my tears and had so many ladies encourage me in my journey, esp with my Buddy dying, me being sick and Midnight grieving also. I so look forward to opening my forum every day to see what is going on. I will swap with any one and to be honest if I got one someone had just not loved I would redo him/her and love him/her too. I have never taken any baby I received from a swap apart so I am curious as to why the people who have found these things took them apart in the first place. Was it to look for faults or was something not right? i would not want my baby going to someone who would go looking for faults. My cousins son has Downs Syndrome and our family accepted a long time ago that you do not have to be “perfect” to be loved.

Yes, you will find issues with everything you do in life. I am sorry to hear that so many ladies have had so many unpleasant issues. I am hoping to do this exchange on a regular basis. I have already come up with things to add to the ENTRY FORM for next time, experience level, and a code of ethics (i.e. no sand as a filler, quality materials, etc.). I will be emailing a CODE OF ETHICS in my first email to those who have signed up. For those who do not play by the rules will NOT be aloud to participate the next time around. I am hoping that the way that I set this up, that EVERYONE who participates to the fullest receives a baby in return. I would like to participate as well, but if I have to, I will just moderate the exchange and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Or more than likely, I will have the “wild card” baby. Just in case there is an issue with someones baby (lost in the mail, etc.), there will be a back up baby to replace it if needed. This is meant to be FUN and not at all stressful. If anyone thinks that their reborning skills are not “good enough” yet, I am here to help you! You can send me pics, I can give you critique, as well as provide tutorials for specific techniques you might need help with. Exchanges like this remind my of a Christmas gift exchange…you go out trying to find the best gift, wrap it up all pretty, and once the recipient opens it up and gets that warm fuzzy feeling that they just received something special. This is a gift from one artist to another. Let us all be grateful for the experience and the gift of giving. I am very dedicated to these kinds of things, I like things to be very organized, and I have pretty thick skin, so I’m not worried about getting my feelings hurt. If everyone follows the rules, there should be no problems. I will be monitoring things very closely. After everyone receives their NEW baby, I will be posting the “FINISHED” pics of each baby, the artist, and who received the baby, on both forums! Hope this helps some of you who are not sure yet.