Suggestions please

I am wanting to do several kits and am having a hard time deciding between Rosebud, Precious Gift,and Cozy. Which ones have you ladies enjoyed the most? I am not a big fan of the pics of rosebud or Precious Gift on bb sight but I have loved them all that I see you ladies here do.

It depends how much time you’ve got in your hands. I’d do Cozy if I was short on time because in my opinion he’s a bit simpler (less creases, wrinkles etc.). And besides, I love that sculpt I’m leaving Precious Gift for when I’m relaxed and have enough time to do it

I just love Cozy! The other two are pretty tiny, I understand but Cozy is a good size

Thank you time is not an issue as I am not allowing myself to buy anymore kits until I sale some of my dolls! My sister is going to buy my lil Hannah today my first sale even if I am doing it at cost!! I will be using that to buy one last special deal kit until I sale another doll i have Joey, Blinkin, Baylee, Hannah, Kyra, Jewel, and am working on Gabriel. I just started a few days before Christmas this past year so a little over a month I may have to join an addict group before too long!!! I Love doing this!! My camera has been borrowed and I will take some pics when I get it back. I took some on my cell and did manage to get them on photobucket and there are some on facebook,but I can’t take it from there yet! I am going to get my teenage son’s help!! Cozy is really cute and I was settled on that one until I read a few posts about how plain looking she is when she comes and I had almost changed my mind I want a real newborn look with my next baby,but Rosebud may be too small!

I just checked and Precious Gift says it is 20 inches so almost as big as Cozy which says 21 hmmmm…decisions, decisions!!

Im right there with you I have just bought Precious GIft and Cozy and I dont know who I will start first I am thinking PG because he is possibly (if he comes out exactly right) going to be a portrait sculpt of my youngest son. I am not even sure that he looks like him too much, he just reminds me of him alot so thats what im going off!

I loved doing Cozy and would do another if I had the chance. I don’t think you will regret getting her. Go for it.

Oops I procrastinated too long now Cozy is gone. They threw me off when I saw Moby on special I thought I want her too I would sleep on it one more night now they are both gone!!! So back to pg or rosebud hmmm? Unless they put Anna on…heck I just want one of every kit!!!

I have done all 3 and my fav is Rosebud just on the tiny factor and the details are so good, but im a mega Cindy Musgrove fan so my next fav is Precious gift!!! The details on her babies are so good!! Cozy is more simple to me, was a cute sculpt but i wouldnt do another one. Best of luck on your choice. Oh and Moby… done her as well. I didnt overly like her, but mine looked crap!! LOL

Natalie since you have done all 3 can you remember if Rosebud’s head is way smaller than Anna’s?