Sugargliderus hair breakage

I recently purchased some SG hair and I must say it is beautiful. I thought I would try a strand or two just to see what it is like. So------It rooted beautifully, BUT it is soooo fine that when I just touch the hair to see how well it implanted it just breaks right off!! Tried it several times and the same thing happens. I’m afraid by the time you get one section rooted and turn your head the other side will break off as you are working on it. It is suppose to be yearling, but it is very very fine. I also have some kid mohair from another source and it is very fine as well, so I am wondering if the SG hair isn’t kid also. I don’t know if I will be able to even root any of the hair I have since my eyes aren’t too good anymore. Anyway, is this a common occurance with the hair breaking off? I don’t want to put 2 weeks into a rooting job and brush the hair once and it all breaks off. Please let me know if this has happened to any of you and how you combat it?

I just used Sugargliderus Yearling on my last head and LOVED it! No problems with breakage. I did have some breakage issues with the Alpaca hair which is more fine. I was able to root the entire head but it took a long time. I’m sure someone with more knowledge will stop by soon.

@lynn, I have never gotten any hair from Carolyn (Sugargliderus) that I thought was fined than yearling that I have bought from Slumberland. Have never had a problem with breakage either. I would ask Carolyn about it or send a small section to someone to give it a try. I am happy to do that. I have my poor Cooper, who,is a test head for EVERYTHING!

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i have kid slumberland that i bought a year ago and am having this very problem with it. it roots great and is so very fine and soft and silky(some of it, some is courser and darker). but i have been rooting the same head since september!! i finished the back first and moved to the side and front and then when i turned it to look at the back…it was almost gone! ithought maybe it rubbed out but the same thing happened when i touched it, it just broke off. i dont really have any suggestions for u bc im just going over it all again. seems to be ok now and im not doing anything different than i was the first try. same hair, same needle, still warming the head on a heating pad. i did start gluing inside every so often but dont see that as making much a difference since its not the hair pulling or falling out, its just breaking and i know it is bc i had little pieces sticking out, where the hair broke off. i root on a baby blanket that i rolled into a donut shape and have a satin material over that but i dont turn the head around inside that, i move the whole blanket when i need to turn it. sorry im no help, but just wanted to let u know ive had this happen and ive read on another forum that a few were having the same issues.

Thank You All for your input, I really appreciate it. My doll is completely finished now (except rooting) so I’m going to give it a try again and see if the same thing happens. If I still have trouble I will PM you Pia and send you a tiny bit and see what you think. I will use a new needle as well. We’ll see what happens.
Thank You for your offer of help it is much appreciated.


Are you sure it is breaking, could it be just that the vinyl is not holding it and it falls out? Because that what happened when I rooted my 1st lot of alpaca. It was a very soft vinyl and I used fork needle.

I just don’t want to spend forever rooting and then have it BREAK!!!

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I agree with you completely. That is one of the reasons that I buy Carolyn’s hair (because I have never had a problem with it). I sure don’t want to waste time rooting if the hair won’t stay in the head.

The hair should not be brittle. It should be strong and should not break. Some of my dolls have been played for over a year by my now 4 years old granddaughter who just loves to brush their hair, yet here is not any noticeable hair loss. But i use only the top quality hair; most is Mohtique or Delta Dawn.

In this moment I am rooting with Sugergliderous and this lot definitely does not break or fall out. But of-course, quality of mohair will vary from goat to goat, and clip to clip; it all depends on many things, including the goat’s health in months before the clip.

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I was wondering about the goat, overall health, nutrition etc. I’m sure that has a great effect on the end product. Nutrition plays a huge part in human health and hair, why not goats? I’m going to give it another go. Thank You Everybody.