SUGAR is up

I can see why Sugar is so popular.Wow id like to keep her.Funny reborning her she didnt do much for me until i added hair and lashes Instant adorable!!


She’s so beautiful. :smile: I really didn’t think I liked my sugar while I was painting but when she was done I really liked her. I do want to paint another one, and honey too. :smile:

I know !! So cute.
i just ordered a Honey although i sworn i wasnt getting any more open eye babies the eyes are hard to put in and worse to ajust to get away from the dolly stare! I bought her and Shyann!! both open eye and Gracie is sitting here too. ugh.


Love her!

She’s so sweet! What a nice little girl

She is so sweet!

Congrats on her sale!!! you are on a roll!!!

Thanks. shocking …think ill but a powerball today! lol

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I loved doing Honey so i just ordered Sugar

Haha i just ordered Honey. now .So pretty!

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It shows that she just sold? weird

No Sugar sold last week .Hum says just sold? weird! Aisha is up all i have up.
Maybe i had clicked on Honey earlier accidentally and had to click adopted again Maybe why.On my list I dont see it has a new adopted on it

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I really love honey!

Sorry i meant i clicked on Sugar acidentally…im just now STARTING Honey blah …brain dead …Honey on my mind

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Love the face, im rooting one now

Her new mother( 11) has her now…I get THE biggest kick out of those HUGE grins when they see their new baby the first day…Child or adult…It really makes it worthwhile doesnt it?
I am doing a Honey.Cant wsit to see if she looks like Sugar too Also bought another sugar kit i liked her so much. Thoughts of jeeping her!!


I know hard to resist!!