Stupid question here

I would like to ask you kind reborner’s if I have to stuff the head of a full body soft vinyl kit. I feel embarrassed asking this but I want to do it right and this is the first one I have done. Thank you for taking your time to respond.

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There are no stupid questions.

The answer is yes, to get the weighted realism. You will pack poly fill in the head and place a beads weight pack in the mouth and chin area of the doll. I fill an all vinyl glove with my glass micro beads for this. If using plastic poly pellets you can put them in a knee high. This will weight the head and the placment of the weighing pack will make the baby sit with its head tilted forward, not flipped back. If you put it in the top of the head or back it will pull the baby’s head backwards.

Edited to say my instructions are for a soft body kit. I realized after posting I read that wrong. For an all vinyl kit you can do the same or just fill it with poly fill and no weight. Depends on how heavy you want the doll to be.

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Thanks for your reply. I couldn’t find it on the internet.

You can add some extra weight, but I don’t add as much as the regular kits. The head can’t flop anyways. Putting no weight in it at all is also an option. There’s no right or wrong, just your preference.

I put polyfil in all my doll’s heads to prevent them from caving in. I pack the head with polyfil and weight the front of the head toward the chin on smaller babies that can’t yet hold their head up. On larger babies, I put some weight (glass beads) in a pouch in the center of the head surrounded by polyfil. For toddlers, I just pack tightly with polyfil.

Do you put it toward the front of the head for the full body ones? Will their head still tip backward? I thought the ball joints would prevent that.

I did put it in the ball jointed one for a more realistic weight of the head.

The BEST and most detailed answers on everything (I would recommend to wash every single one if you are new)