Struggling with shades and greases

Hey everyone!
Im finally doing wrinkles, greases and their shades… struggling! Using authentic reborn colors with thinning medium. Every time i want to fade it out it disappears… argh…thank god for my magnifying glass light and the smallest detail brushes… but i have i feeling there is a more easy way… does anyone share this problem?
(Using lips + eyelid purple)

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Are you prepping the kit before you paint? I dont use thinning medium with AR paints.

I have found that some kits do not take creasing very well. Like you said, they disappear when you shade them. I don’t have an answer other then I go over the creases many times during the painting. And I hate creases.

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Hate them too. Officially.
Saw nothing of the authentic paint. So…made new paint. Genesis colors mixed with thinning medium… guess what. No i see them. But too much… omg.
Tomorrow new day new chances

I read somewhere that you don’t have to thin the a.r paints… lesson learned today…
There were multiple layers of paint on het when i started greasing etc. Is that what you mean by prepping?

I think she may have meant “Priming” your kit before you begin painting. I use RebornFX primer from MacPhersons, it can be used with both Air Dry Paints and Genesis Heat Set paints.

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