Strong magnet

Do you know what kind of magnet is stronger than the Bountiful Baby magnet?

I order from here:

N50 is as strong as is easily available, and bigger it is more pull it will have. Just put N50 magnet into search. I use these inside the head:
and smaller ones in what ever shape fits in the paci.

And this is stronger than normal BB? The tongue is in the way on this doll and it’'s not holding.

I only use strong magnets and I get them from Michael’s.
Here is the one that I get


Can you buy in store or do you have to order offline?

I always buy it in the store. Be sure to use a coupon. I like buying them when I get the 50% off coupons and you end up paying only $2.00 and some change.


I am going today

My customers always tell me that my magnet is the strongest they’ve had lol.


They do not say how strong neodymium, as i said the N50 at about 1/2" x 1/3" x 1/4" are incredibly strong, and have enough pull even when there is a tongue or the lips are quite thick. I also have some smaller, and they work just fine on easy lips.


I hate pacifiers:angry:

I’ll be okay lol.

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