Stripping factory paint

I have a le newborn (I think that’s what they’re called, isn’t it?) anyways, I need to get the factory paint off. I’ve only stripped one once before at the very beginning of my reborning (about 8 years ago), and I used acetone. It seemed very harsh. I read on one of the reborning groups on FB about using a brush cleaner to do it with…well that is not working! Anyone use anything besides acetone to take paint off?

thats crazy u posted this question, bc i have been searching all the different forums for this answer the last couple of days. is it the full vinyl 14 inch i think they are?i think thats what mine is called the la newborn too.
i read about acetone and goof off, which i dont want to use either one bc ive had bad experiences with both. i read windsor and newton, and thats what ive been trying with but the only thing that has come off is the brown from the painted hair. oh and a tint of pink was on my cotton ball when i used it on the lips. but the rest of the baby is still the same color it was before i started stripping. im wondering if this is the color of the actual vinyl and theres not really much paint on them to begin with?

I doubt very seriously that the vinyl itself has any paint on it. I would imagine it is only the details that are painted,

I love reborning Berenguer La Newborns. I use Goof off it works really well.

I love the Berenguer dolls and have stripped several. There is paint on the head, face and limbs. I take it off with WIndsor Newton. It works really well. Just make sure you wash the parts before you start painting.

so the vinyl is that orangy pinkish color? it seems impossible to neutralize that color! but that must be the orange color ive seen everyone talking about. mint green? many many layers?

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It only takes a couple of thin green washes to change the color.

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thanks, i will be giving it a go soon

Well I broke down and went with the acetone. I gotta say, after trying everything and seeing no results, I was ok with a harsher alternative when it stripped it right off! (Before and after)
Took the paint off but left her a lil orange. So I did a couple neutralizing washes. I think we’re ok now :wink:

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I’m glad it worked out! :smile:

Great job looks good