Strip and redo question

For those of you that do them, what do you charge? I’m doing one now, worked a low number out for the mommy since she was a friend of a friend who got ripped off (paint was just coming off), but overall I have no idea how to answer this question.


I think it would be easier and less labor to do a new kit. Unless it was a long sold out or hard to find kit. Striping correctly takes time.


It definitely is easier to start on a new kit, so there is the extra work of taking it apart and stripping. On the flip side, I’m using the kit and body that was sent to me. I’m reusing the polyfil and whatever loose sand I could salvage, so all my costs are as far as materials go would be paint, a little bit of glass beads and a few knee highs.

And don’t forget to factor in your time. I hate stripping, so I’d probably charge MORE.

Right. No help at all, I know. :rolling_eyes:


I use acetone to strip and it goes pretty fast and easy. Also, for some reason, the paint seems to stick better after this. I’ve started doing a light dab over of acetone on each new kit, then through washing with Dawn. My paint really stays now. I’m an air dry painter. Don’t know if that works the same on GHSP.


Lol @kareninflorida. I loathe stripping as well, but the reason I got the doll to begin with was because the paint was just rubbing off, so I figured it would be easy to strip. It was except for a few parts that I scrubbed the heck out of… only to realize the vinyl was stained. Sigh.

I think I’m kind of questioning the value of time when it comes to this. I think I’m making like $3/hr doing this. :slight_smile:

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Ugh…the life of a reborner. If people only knew what we go through :confounded: