String ties...why?

So i just opened up my Ember kits box and i saw string ties on the body, i nearly fainted…string ties? really? has BB gotten that cheap?
I’ve ordered the budget body before for the same price and it always came with cable ties so i never thought to re-read the description which now i see is in bright red…which to me it was always like that so i never gave it a second reading or even noticed it.
I would have purchased the standard body since its thicker but it was sold out.
String is horrible, i’ve used string before and i dont like or trust it.
So now i have to scrounge up zip ties to see if i have enough, sorry to rant but this is just getting low now

Always read description i love the strings. I have been known to take cable ties out. Just preference

Yeah never thought to read it over again, I would never had imagined anything would change since my last purchase. Maybe if they didnt write so much in the description it would be less to read and more eye appealing lol…too much is written, its like get to the point.
String is garbage, it stretches out in time. Cable ties are sturdier and dont stretch out over time due to moisture or age. Cable ties give a tight hold, string you can get tight but not like a cable tie, string lets go a bit as you tie it, unless you have someone put their finger on it
I dont want my babies falling apart in the future, I wont use string.
and its not like they used good string either, this stuff is a joke
Well lesson learned, next time the body with cable ties is sold out I just wont bother getting the kit…which is a way for BB to lose money, if I think this way im sure others who dont post here do too…its just poor business, down grade your stuff and you lose buyers, its a no brainer.

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BB sells the cable ties separately fairly cheap. If you’d like a few, PM me your addy and i will get some in the mail thursday.

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Aww you are so sweet, thank you, but i swapped them out for the cable ties i had from a larger body so i have them now I’ll worry about that body when the time comes