Story of my life - stripping again

I think these two doll kits are cursed. All I wanted were two NA babies but at the time, air dry paints weren’t available in those skin tones…a few years ago. So I tried various types and shades with disasterous results…and stripped them a couple of times. Finally got a set of paints when luminaires came out with their set and what a difference. I still was just learning but the colors were great. Finally got them done and loved one of them but never bonded with the other. Had them for a long time, then decided to use a sealer on them to make them less shiny since everyone noticed the shine. A few months later, the sealer (and no, I don’t remember which one!) is peeling. No other dolls have that problem so I don’t know what I did or what combination of things but after trying to fix them by adding a layer of sealer with bad results, I’m going to have to strip them. The heads are fine, no peeling (of course now I know how to paint better so that bugs me!). Now to redo the arms and legs to match. And I had found a home for them too. Bummer! So today is repair day. One doll has a scratch from the two year old playing with her. These two to strip. Checking others for damage but all seem fine. I have one to photograph to sell, two old keepers, one new not decided on keeping or selling and three from when I first started that I no longer want that a friend wants. I just want homes for them but now I have to fix them first. Meanwhile I’d rather paint the other kits that have been waiting for me to get the reborning bug again. At least the paint is coming off with alcohol and a little work. And I don’t have to root them. Just arms and legs. Then they are leaving here before I have to strip them again!!!