Storing Reborns

Can anyone please tell me if it is safe to store reborns that I have already made in those large storage tubs with lids? My studio is small and I am running out of room.

I have some painted kits stored in plastic bins, but I put a piece of hospital blanket in the bottom of the bin and just kind of folded it over the painted parts so they’re not touching the sides of the bin. Also all of my unpainted kits are stores individually in plastic bins, those are just in there with no blanket and they’re perfectly fine too.

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Thanks for the info. I also keep my unmade kits in plastic boxes. And I will wrap the completed ones in baby blankets to put them in the tubs.

You could also put them in pillow cases

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That is a great idea. Thanks.

Oh that’s an even better idea. Where were you when I was cutting these hospital blankets? lol

I wrap my finished ones in the blankets they’ll go home in and put them in their shipping boxes. Then I just stack them up.

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