Stop by my new website

Hi Everyone . … . check out my new website . Don’t forget to sign my guest book , I would love to hear from you !! Thanks so much !! Hugs Jean oxoxo


I just went to your web site and tried to post in the guest book. I kept getting a pop up that said “wait for us to finish processing”. I don’t know what that means and if it ever posted. Might be some kind of glitch, or not. Thought you should know. You have beautiful babies and do amazing work❤️

Thank you for letting me know … I just tried it too , and I get the same message . . not sure why it is doing that !!LOL! Thanks for stopping by !! :grinning:

Your very welcome I’ll keep checking on it so that I can leave a post.

Lovely website and your babies are adorable x

Stopped by your website but found out my tablet won’t let me see the photos. :frowning: I will have to check it out later on my laptop. Love your main photo with the pine cone! It looked like the guestbook page was working 5oo.

Gorgeous website Jean!

Lovely website! I visited but it didn’t let me post to your guestbook.

Wow Jean thats pretty close to mine even the lettering altogether and even the placement of your capitals. BarefeetBabyBoutique and I’ve had it for 5yrs Hey maybe I’ll get extra business, your site is nice, thanks. :footprints:

Very nice !!

It’s awesome Jean!!!:smile: