Stock Piling for Christmas, Good or Bad?

Hey all!
Long time, no post. I’ve been busy! My dog training business is booming, my boyfriend and I recently adopted a puppy, and I’ve barely been getting in time for myself, let alone time to paint!
That being said, I have two dollies that have been on eBay for adoption for months now!
I know sales are slow right now, so I’m thinking of stock piling all the babies I have completed and putting them all up around November 1st.
What do you think?

Also is really worth it? Do they have any “free trials” or lower cost memberships? The only reason I’m selling via eBay right now is because it’s my parent’s account (really good feedback) and they pay the fees for it. Of course I do pay them back but it doesn’t come out as a fee until I have sold something.

I think $9.99 a month (even $19.99) is pretty low cost since they don’t charge any other fees. All the babies I’ve sold online were sold on

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I’ve sold three babies in the past three weeks on so it’s been worth it for me. I add a bit more to the cost of the baby to offset the membership. I’m Canadian do the $9.99 is more like $14 it $15/ month.


I use reborns and Etsy. I like both. With Etsy to list is 20 cents then you pay a small percentage to Etsy and to Paypal when you sell. With Reborns it is a membership and no fees (I think Paypal still gets a percentage).

I try not to worry too much about the percentage. I owned a small retail store and retail marks up 300 percent. Consignment takes a min of 35% so paying under 8 percent for access to that many customers doesn’t feel too terrible.

I don’t do Ebay just because I am not into the whole bidding thing and I have heard to many “stories” about people not following through with the sale or manipulating the return policy. I just don’t have the time for it.

I pay the 9.99 a month on reborns and it feels fair, my rational is that people who go to that site already know what they want. They are not looking for a part of their car and accidentally find a reborn doll.

There are window shoppers and the curious but for the most part people are looking for the baby they want at a price they can afford and reborns has several price points and skill levels.

I did well last Christmas, wish I had more babies, stock pile if you can, my opinion. Most of my sales were in the last weeks leading up to Christmas, but I started listing babies mid October.

I don’t have a big stash this year…

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