STILL on AA Willow Flower

Been working on Willow Flower AA now since Feb I just cant get her face to look real…Add shading take it off add take it off It looks smutty when i do heavy shading but dolly when i dont.Is it me or does she just have a dollyy face! ANY SUGGESTIONS AT ALL PLEASE!!Dont be kind i can take it…and I need new eyes.


Bigger eyes may help.


I think Willow Flower and all of the other Rubert sculpts do look dolly but can be made to look less dolly sometimes with different eyes mostly brown eyes and sometimes dark gray eyes work well for this too.


Willow Flower is a portrait sculpt of Katy Perry’s little girl when she was a baby. She looks just like the real baby.


I used 22mm in her up from 20 worse they are E6000ed in…and they aren’t really good eyes.Some reason look foggyish…but is going to my 4 yr old grand daughter so ok but for myself I’d like her to look real.They are brown.
oh great I do a doll that’s a portrait of a baby,that is a LIVING DOLL !lol

I think. I’ll try purple again.I stopped her to get new eyes but nothings changed.still adding shadow taking it away…I have to feel shes done at some point… I imagine.

Yes she does and I’m actually still working on my Willow flower kit trying to get it perfect but here is Willow yesterday:)

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pretty little girl