Still no Santa?

I would still love to see a completed Santa Claus! I am hoping BB puts one up, I can’t find any for sale on ebay to look at either! id love to see

I was wondering why there weren’t any up yesterday. I know some people decided they didn’t like the size. I just have more Christmas stuff than I can put up! Family loves the decorations but not the work!

Me too I love to decorate for Christmas and I think there is no such thing as too many decorations! I still love those fairies I have never done one but think they would look so good sitting above the fireplace as Christmas elves! Hopefully someone makes and posts some Christmas elves

I have a Santa in progress, I’m about to assemble, just on more side of hair to root. But like others I too can’t add pictures at the moment, but he’s in my siggy.

He’s not your typical fat Haddon Sundblom’s Coca Cola Santa. He is 34 inches and has a really thin stature. I’m going to add many clothing layers to him to give him more girth, I decided to make him more of a tall thin German Santa.
I took picture of his head next to A Tatianna Schick, Shyann and Riley for comparison. … 8143543520

Angela, your Santa is looking awesome!!

— Begin quote from “pia”

Angela, your Santa is looking awesome!!

— End quote

Thanks. I really like making him. I’m making a matching Mrs. Claus too.

I hope whatever glitch is fixed and I can add the finished pictures.

Your Santa is AWESOME, Angela…you did a fantastic job!

I bought him and mrs Santa when on sale maybe next year.

MadewithLilysLove wow great Santa!!

no one can top hers