Steven Awake Prototype, by Anna Mellman, on eBay now!

We have a gorgeous new Steven prototype to share with you! This sweet prototype was reborn by Anna Mellman. She has the most amazing hair and the cutest face! Anna’s version of Steven is simply stunning.

You can bid on this incredible Steven prototype here:

Realborn® Steven will be available on our website soon! You can sign up to be notified of his release here: We also have a darling sleeping version of Steven, found here: Both versions of sweet Steven are amazing!

Bountiful Baby


So beautiful!

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My favorite Steven so far :heart_eyes:


Is this for real?!?


I still can’t believe it. $11k and it’s not even a silicone? Sheesh, I feel bad for the ladies selling their vinyls below $5k. Giving it away!!!

On a serious note, wow. Just wow.

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I know! She’s cute, but…there are lots of cute babies out there! Maybe they thought she was a real baby…lol. Congrats to the artist, though! Wow. Goals!

She is gorgeous though :grin: definitely goals :heart_eyes::joy:

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That’s an insane amount of money. Beautiful baby, but wow.

I’m amazed that there were enough people willing to bid high enough to get the price that high! Amazing

Congrats to the artist, that’s an astounding amount of money, wow! :smiley: