*****Stash Downsizing ***KITS FOR SALE!***More Realborns Added**

Updated SUNDAY 01/29/2019

All BB kits $20 plus shipping

2nd Ryan
Kendal (SOLD)
2nd Leif Asleep
Summer Rain Asleep**(SOLD)
Grant (SOLD)
2nd Clyde Asleep
Priscilla Asleep
Laila Asleep**(SOLD)
2nd Evelyn Awake (SOLD)
2nd Rowan**(SOLD)
2nd Clyde Asleep
2nd Evelyn Awake

NON BB Kit **
Myloh by Laura Tuzio Ross $75
Full Torso female 19-20" $25
Full Torso Male 19-20" $25

Limbs $10 each or two for $15. plus shipping

Set: ($15)
2nd Kandance (16in) (SOLD)
Ashley (17in)**(SOLD)

2nd Anna (17in)
Honey sugar (20in)
2nd scarlet (21in)
Moby (20in)
Gemma (19in)
Daisy (18in)
Miles (16in)

Presley (20in)
Honey sugar (20in)
Miles (16in)

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May I get your Eliza and Enya kits please? Will pm you address. Thanks

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Do you still have the Blaze head? Never mind,sorry had blaze confused with different kit.


Updated list

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Is Baylee the biracial vinyl?

Yes it is.

Awe, too bad. I don’t have very good luck with that.

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Are they just head and limbs or do they come with the clothe body?

No cloth bodies. Just the kit (head and limbs)

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Do you still have Miranda !?

Yes I still have it.

Added more

Your Asher awake for $30, does he come with a COA? Do you know about how much shipping is to 61244?

I believe he does come with a COA but will check when I get home this afternoon as well as the shipping.

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Does Imani have full limbs?



Yes pic attached

If you will sell to me I’ll take Imani. I don’t have any feedback yet.

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