Starting Vinyl

So, I’m a baby and got so frustrated with Chloe’s eyes that I walked away from her in tears.

I decided to get Fawna out and play with her for a bit instead. I am completely inept at vinyl. Lol!!

Also, what a mess!!! I thought silicone created quite the mess but these GHSPs are off the hook!

I’m testing some stuff on her legs where I’m pretty sure I’m gonna put hair and/or much darker coloring. There is barely some mottling on that thigh.

I figured out how Mini Mac got covered in fuzz too. I washed him spotless and then he still got fuzz. Well, I opened a new bag of sponges for Fawna. I saw the same little black fuzz. What the f??? Yeah…all 4 bags of sponges I got from Amazon are covered in that fuzz. :woman_facepalming: I won’t be ordering those again. How do you manufacture sponges that are dirty? :triumph:


The sponges didn’t come in a sealed bag ?:flushed:

I buy mine in a Dollor store, in seal bag, or at MacPherson and never had a problem. You can wash them, that will help.

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They did come in a sealed bag. That’s how I came to the conclusion that they are dirty from the factory. I opened a brand new bag this morning and every one of them has the fuzz. Even between them where you have to tear them apart is dirty. Artist’s Choice my butt.


That’s disgusting.

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I got some really good ones at Walmart.

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