Starting Small Byron my first primary color method is now finished

I have added his finished picture at the end of this post .
My very first try at using Liquitex paint for reborns and also my first shot at the primary color method I have seen people talking about .
Anytime I try new things I like to start small so that is what I am doing here :smile: a ten inch trial and error is much better than a 20 inch or larger one in my opinion.
I haven’t done creases on it as yet so far I think it looks decent , I am still wondering do I want to add more layers of my primary mix .


Is looking good. I normaly start the creases then I can see if I need more color. Sorry I can’t help you much with the skin tone. I’m still trying to get the skin tone right, but I can tell you that is actually easier to paint a big kit that a small one. I started with preemie babies they are not too expensive especially now that they have been on sale and they are big enough to make it easy to see and do the detaldetails.


A couple of more layers of red, yellow, blue will give you a bit darker flesh tone. I usually do veins and creases first. It might just be the photos but it looks like the thighs are a darker red than the rest of the parts, especially the right leg. Are you using primary washes or just primary colors?

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I am doing washes , some mottling and using the red,yellow blue all together in one mix at this point using the same amount of each .
Just started adding some crease color earlier to see where I was at on it , the head is the same color as the rest I just got the bright idea of putting it in front of a window when I took the photo idea was not so bright :smile:
Thanks for the advise , when starting something different I like to go a bit with the less is more until I have a feel for the medium .

So I think this is as dark as I want to go on the skin color , now to add some more creasing and whatever I think might work .
The method is a bit different than what I am use to it takes a bit of getting use to having all layers being from one container.


So my question is do you mix the primary colors together or one layer at a time? I’ve been doing one at a time.

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I went with mixing all three colors together using the same amount of each mixing them well and painted the wash layers that way .
I have seen where others say they do one color at a time however I wanted to try the way I did it and if that didn’t work for me I would go the other route.

I think he looks really good.

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Thanks ! it was interesting too seeing how three colors come together and give the skin tone .

Here he is I think I may do this again on a bigger scale .