Starting out🙈

Well, I have the beginings of a set up. Hope to start soon making babies on my own. I have powders and genesis, so we will see. Still need alot of supplies but I can start. I have more sponges and thinner not pictured. Do puppy pads or that type do good as table mats?


You know I never thought of that! What a cool idea and I have some pads left over from my puppy!

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I just hate to stain up a bunch of blankets and such. Puppy pads will hold up a while with paint before you have to throw them out .

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Yes puppy pads work great! I thought you already were making your own babies.

Looks like you’re ready to get going. The pads are great, I use them sometimes but mostly I just use paper towels. What ever is cheaper is good!! lol

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I’ve never thought of using puppy pads but I just use paper towel.

Best of luck!

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I use paper towels. I heard that puppy pads are scented to attract puppies…not sure how that will affect any parts that lay on the pad. Ink blot paper would also be a good choice.


I use clean hand towels, the cotton type for drying dishes. The bathroom type make marks on doll and have alot of fuzz. :smile:

I use white cotton towels (I steal ones from the garage that my dad never uses). But puppy pads are a good idea

This little rascal is the reason we make sure we keep a supply of potty pads,

and they are super for use under your paint as you work too. I was using paper towels, but these are longer lasting and more absorbant. The ones I’ve got have no scent at all.


I’ve got a 16 month old Jack, that has been a nightmare to potty train, and she trains in agility!!


I feel your pain!!! LOL

I have been using puppy pads for months now. I lay them on my desk and still use paper towels. The puppy pad just catches whatever I accidentally drop just to keep my desk clean. It only needs to be changed every few weeks or after I root so the one bag is lasting forever.

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Puppy pads are good, but my favorite thing to use are the bed pads for incontinence. Just like a puppy pad, just much larger (which I need because I’m ALL OVER the place when I paint.)