Starting my own youtube channel

well…I guess I’m an aspiring youtube star, rofl…I’m trying to draw more attention to my reborns and as some of us were discussing earlier, youtube’s an awesome way to do it. I don’t really know how it’s gonna work out yet, and I’m going to feel completely SILLY, especially at first…but it could turn out to be fun. The only vid I have up so far is the montage of the babies I’ve made so far, but hope to update soon and often…the channel name is skiesofblue0610 if anyone’s interested. I D K if rating and subscribing on youtube helps boost popularity…but if you know it does…please do, lol oh and if anyone has sort of cheap but nice video recorder reccomendations, please let me know!!!

— Begin quote from “AilishCat”

heyyy! I just checked out your channel and I’m your first subbie heehee I would reccomend getting a cheap flip camera off ebay or at a carboot sale etc. they’re the easiest to use, personally

— End quote

awww, thank you VERY MUCH!!! I’m gonna go to wal-mart, maybe later, or tomorrow and just see what they have. I’ve checked out ebay, and I have my eye on a couple that look really nice especially for the price…but if I can get out of paying shipping, that’d be great too. Thanks for subscribing and the reccomendation!! Stay tuned!! LOL