What is the best kit in your opinion to start with?

A sleeping newborn


I agree sleeping newborn. Larger could be overwhelming smaller could be tedious.

Like the others said, a sleeping newborn. Try to pick one with a closed mouth, open hands and not too many creases.

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A sleeping newborn that you love.


What everyone else said but get an inexpensive one.

I plan on getting one of the ones on sale. Do I need to buy a BB starter kit or is there a cheaper option for supplies?

Most supplies can be bought a t a hobby store or walmart. I started with GHSP in the basic red blue yellow and added as I wanted to.

BB’s Lexi is a great kit to start with. She’s sleeping, newborn size, has open hands, and has nice but not too overwhelming details. (I just remembered, I think she’s sold out right now though)

Gemma. She’s sleeping, closed mouth, not many creases

Gemma is out of stock :frowning: Is there another kit that you suggest?

Is Kate a good option?

i think megan at BB or is it meg? The preemie kit. She is small, good vinyl to work with as it takes paint so well and such a cute kit.

Or grab one of the seconds realborn kits ASAP before they are gone…that would be awesome too!