Stanley Oliver eye size

Is anyone else painting Stanley Oliver? I’m almost done with mine. But I’m confused about his eyes. He supposedly needs 18mm. But they are way too big. I can’t squeeze them into the sockets. So I bought 16mm. They fit the sockets perfectly. But the irises are pretty small. I’m wondering what others are doing for eyes. I guess maybe 18mm oval eyes might work. But I don’t really want to have to buy more eyes.

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Yeah, I’d try 18mm oval eyes. Jessica Schenk has some nice ones:

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How quick does she ship? I might order some of those tomorrow.

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I’ve only ordered a kit from her, but she shipped pretty fast.

I know this is older post but what size eyes worked best for you. I tried 18mm Oval and I couldn’t get them to fit. Was the 16mm half rounds?

He’s sitting here on my desk, waiting for me to finish his hair I tried 16mm half round and they fit fine. But they didn’t look right. The iris seemed to small. So I got these, and they fit perfectly. I think they are 18mm oval

Now to figure out what to do about his lashes.
I rooted them and they didn’t look right so I temporarily put these on, and I don’t like them either. :thinking:


He is one of the best Stanley Olivers that I’ve seen! So cute!

Thanks so much. I’m trying hard to make him look more real and less like a cartoon. Whatever the case, I love that little smile of his.

You did a good job on him . The best I have seen!

I agree - the BEST one! :heart_eyes:

He’s so cute!
I think for the lashes, I would only do just over half way around the lid.