Spotty paint on AA

I know this has been asked before probably a million times but how do you keep the paint on AAs even and smooth.
I tried using a dry wedge but it just left white spots I tried pouncing a lot didnt seem to help much in some spots.

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I do very thin layers like you can’t even see it and it slowly builds…in this pic she’s WIP and I started adding shading


Thanks. ill try even lighter layers

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I’ve heard Genesis thinning medium mixed with your paint helps.

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I use lindseed oil with my flesh colors it blends better just 3 drops to your paint

Thanks for the tips.Dont think i have linseed oil here.
I just went even lighter seems to work .
Do you bake each layer or do a few and bake then? Was thinking maybe previous layer sort of balled up with new paint not baking each separately.

Thanks piggy