Spots on Irelyn

I’m doing some washes on my Irelyn head to color match to the limbs that I’m going to use.On the second wash a small gray spot appeared in the crease under the left eye. It has gotten darker and larger with subsequent layers. Now there’s a spot on the tip of the nose. Neither spot was there when I started. I don’t know why these are appearing and I’m concerned that more will show up or they’ll get bigger. Has this happened to anyone else?

Yes, i had some kits like that. It seems to be something in the vinyl, and it comes to surface with baking; if you try to get them out, you end up with a hole. Luckily most of my spots were on the limbs and I made them into little birthmarks. But the worst one was on one of my Skeeter fairies and I was very upset about it, as she came out really beautiful and the spot is big and on her cheek. I wanted her to have spotless complexion. In the end I stuck a gemstone on her face and dusted her with glitter.

I use air dry paints so it’s not from baking. I’ve had the kit for many months so it’s not eligible for return. I guess I’ll try Windsor Newton and a toothpick. I really don’t want to strip it and start over because right now it’s a very close match. (Sigh) I guess there’s a reason for the saying Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Isn’t it amazing what makes our imaginations come to light! Great creative thinking.

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