Spice and COA

Is there a COA for Spice? If not it is difficult to differ the seconds from a firsts. I would like Donna Rupert to include one, please. Then mail one to those of us who have already purchased Spice.

Open edition kits don’t come with COAs only the first quality realborns. I think that is the case with most open edition sculpts. There are a few that come with COAs from macs etc but not many to my understanding. It would be nice if they were included to help artist prove they had quality kits


bb Realborn kits come with coa. Seconds realborns do not come with coa

Seconds kits are labeled on the bag. It’s usually not a noticeable difference in the seconds kit. It may have black specks or something not noticeable to us. But to bb, it was not first quality to then. So it’s then labeled as seconds with no coa.

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Spice is open edition and doesnt come with a COA
none of the “regular” kits from BB come with a COA.


Spice is a sculpt by Donna Robert not a Realborn :wink:


I understand what you say. My comment was to request that COA’s be added. It also distinguishes between seconds and the first quality. I wish all first class sculpts have a COA.

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I agree I think the sculptors should send something with the kits to verify it is legit.
At least start doing it on every kit. That would help buyers spot legit kits


Honestly I forget to send the COA’s most of the time. If it is an official kit (not a knock off) the flange will be marked with serial number, sometimes year, and name of sculpt. Some artists made sculpts still put them on the back of the head at the base.

If its a limited numbered addition or a first addition that is numbered I always send it.

I make my own Birth Certificate and send that. It has all the details on it and it is signed and dated.

Most seconds have a minor issue that no one ever notices. I have not personally purchased a second from BB that had any defect that made a difference or was noticeable.