Speckled GHS paint

Please help!!! Why is the paint on her fingers speckled? It isn’t happening anywhere else on the kit! How can I correct this?

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Looks like pitting? What kit is this? :pleading_face:


Leilani awake. I didn’t see anything wrong before I started painting her.

It called pitting. You cannot see it right away. For me it usually takes several layer and starts really showing when I’ve get to blood read mottling or washes. You can search this forum for pitting and see many post on it. It’s not your or paint fault. It vinyl defect.


Thank you, I’ll check out the other posts.

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Ugh I just noticed some of these on the fingers of the Gracie kit I’m working on :sob::sob::sob:

The dreaded pitting of the vinyl. Very frustrating to all of us.