Special prayers

There is currently a brush fire about 2 miles from my house. Residents in the immediate area are being evacuated. So far we’re not but the fire was 7 acres at 10:30 and 41 an hour later. There’s a lot of smoke. It’s not contained and the wind has shifted so we’re now at higher risk of being evacuated. Helicopters are circling and dropping water on the fire in addition to the ground crews and bulldozers. It’s 102 degrees here so please pray for the firefighters and us.


Can you go wet down around your house with a hose? I’m so sorry! That must be terrifying.

I live in a mobile home park and the units are close together so hosing around the house wouldn’t be very effective.

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I hope they can stop it.

Oh no, Praying for everyone!

Prayers for everyone. Please stay safe. Keep us updated.

Be safe woman, get the heck out of there the minute you get the orders if they come. Do you have a go bag packed, documents, credit cards, cash, meds, clean underwear, car keys…

Check in and let us know you are ok. These wild fires get crazy fast.

Lot of good vibes they get things contained and your house and family are safe.

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Oh my! Praying you and your place are kept safe from this!

Praying for your safety and all those around you also…please keep us posted.

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Praying that the fire will be contained and you and your neighbors won’t need to be evacuated.

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Latest news is forward progress of the fire has been stopped. It is 10% contained. The winds are picking up and flying sparks could cause other fires.


Power in prayer! :pray:t2:

Praying tonight that it can be further managed and contained…stay safe Jean.

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Praying for you!

15% contained.


God Bless you and everyone involved, In Jesus’ Name I Pray! Please put out the fire Dear Lord and protect and keep safe everyone involved. Thank you God! In Jesus’ Name I Pray.

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20% contained but still burning.Thank you all for the prayers. So far, so good.


Inch by inch…:+1:t2:…woke up last night with you on my heart and prayed again for your safety and all your neighborhood

Jean, I live in CA. too and know the “fear of fire”, I’ll be praying for you and all your community that the fire doesn’t affect your area!! Please stay safe and get your bag packed----just in case.

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Jean…has it been contained any further???

Prayers this morning again…for allof you…and those fighting the fire.