Special needs babies?

Has anybody here done special needs reborn baby? Or perhaps have pics to share of a reborn?


Kristy Lee dolls on Facebook has done several with Down syndrome. Not sure if it’s what you’re looking for.

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Yes they have a special place in my heart.


I can’t seem to find her, do you have a link?

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Aw lovely!

Different kinds, I know a LOT of special needs families and I know some of them are interested in having a custom reborn.


Here is “Diana” as she is now known…her Mommy was thrilled with her and is waiting for me to send her Vince sometime in January… Vince has Downs Syndrome as well…:purple_heart::purple_heart:.


Sorry spelled it wrong it is kristy Leigh dolls…Facebook

This is one of her pictures She was the reason I started doing babies. I found Her page about a year ago when she only had a few thousand likes, now The likes on her page is over 80k


Vince is also available, you can get them from Irrisitables.com here is my Vince I am currently working on.


Awwwww…you started yours…He is coming along nicely…I am taking a bit of a break for another week or so, then back to reborning…Can’t wait to see Vince complete…!!..:purple_heart:

There is a kit that I think looks like she has DS, I can’t remember the name right now but I’ll let you know when I do. I don’t think the kit is available for sale yet either

I want to do a DS special needs baby. Eventually I will. They tug at the heart…

Such cute babies above!

Lillianne Breedveld specializes in DS reborn kits, I think. Pebbles is hers.


I am looking forward to yours also, II just love these kits, it’s so hard to let them go! Thank you

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Irrisitables ans Creative Nursery sells them they are bylillian Bleedveld.the kits are Pebbles and Vince. Hopr this helps they kits run 109.00 each

Debbie reborn doll kits has one coming out in January. It’s a preemie.

Thank you