Special edition Elyse Brace

So apparently at some point there was a ‘special edition’ Elyse brace released. With an edition of 40. Does anybody know why it was special or what was different?

I’ve never heard that. Where did you see it?

I’ve been searching for the regular Elyse and I came across an old listing on Reborns


I was trying to look at the doll to see any differences, but I don’t have one so I couldn’t really notice

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Interesting. She looks the same to me. Maybe there was a first edition of 40 and an open edition later? I think some others have been done like that.

My guess is that Cassie Brace had the first 40 kits produced for prototypes and offered the others for sale ahead of the mass production, Laura Lee Eagles did this with Kami Rose. She offered her first editon kits for sale at Rose doll show. I was able to get one from a friend and was able to reborn mine before the others flooded the market.


The regular edition was 970 kits. Very hard to find.

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