Spearsons needles

Has anyone tried these? If so… What do you think?

Do you have a link?

Amy, how can I do a link?

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I thought the name sounded familiar. I bought some and don’t like them. While the needle goes all the way in the vinyl, the hair is barely visible. I tried it on two different heads and had the same issue. I even tried more than one needle. :confused:

I prefer the ones from Secrist:
Secrist 43G needles


Thank you Amy!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

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I just buy my needles from BB and I have never had trouble with any of them. Oops----I did have an issue with one set of needles they were the one’s that had a very shallow depth on the barb. Watch out for those, they don’t grab hair very well. I think they were the .02 depth, don’t get them.

I bought the 42g… They break instantly. Of course I bought a zillion of them:-(

Is that the 42g 1barb? I use the 43g 1 barb and I rarely bread one. What’s up with you piglet???

I don’t know… I switched to 46g forked and I love them!

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@Nikkiroc where’d you find the 46g forked?

I don’t remember!!! Let me look!

Yes, I bought 12 dozens when I started reborning and broke about 20 needles from elsewhere on my 1st head; it was like a rock. LOL The Spearsons needles are great if you want to root 10 hair into each hole, and they do not break , but they did leave large holes.

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Geez 46g is really fine, you don’t break them really? Do you have a problem keeping them in the right position? I have tried the forked needles (not 46g) and i’m not very good with them, I seem to get too much hair. Do you have that problem?

I can’t find the 46G forked needles anywhere. Where did you get yours?