Speaking of Tutus

I just had to share this. I found these adorable crocheted sandals and had to have them. I didn’t have anything to go with them so I added flowers to a onesie and to complete the outfit I made a tutu!! What fun!! Maybe a new business…T’s and Tutus!:wink::wink:


Oh my how adorable is that outfit. Sounds like a wonderful business. :smiley:

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SOOOOO CUTE! I love it! :heart:

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how adorable !! clever …yes, yes, make some more

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Oh my goodness. That is adorable!!! Nice job. I’m OBSESSED with tutus at the moment. If you make anymore or are interested in making let me know lol :slight_smile: :wink:


Thanks ladies…now on to some bonnets and bubble suits. Just feel like sewing today. Oh yea, my Celeste kit came today for a custom order. This baby is ginormous!!!


I saw someone saying their Celeste wears 3-6 months.

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Larger newborn, 0-3 mos and 3 mos fit my Celeste. I love how this kit cuddles. :slight_smile:

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Love, love, love the outfit. 0-3 months fit my Celeste.

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I’ve purchased not 1 not 2 nope but 5 tutus in the past what 3 days. One more will not hurt lol


I’m not joking @Blissfulbabies I’m obsessed!!! Seriously if you make another please let me know!! Lol


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Very cute!!! I love making tutus, but I make them by hand so that they tie in the back with a ribbon. I need to learn to make a stretchy waistband as I think most people probably prefer those.

For sure I’d buy beautiful!

Love that outfit…you have quite a talent there…everything matches so well and the look is adorable…:purple_heart:

What color do you want? Mine are infant sized.

That’s maybe a color similar your one pictured or like a cream or white. Anything similar to the one you have.

To cute great job it looks like it is a complete set❤️❤️❤️

Precious !!

Love love love the outfit!!!

@specialmoments I have to go out of town for a funeral and will not be back until Monday or Tuesday. It’ll be a little after that and I’ll send you a tutu. :blush: