Speaking of old reborns

Way back about 10 yrs. ago, I made a set of raggie reborn twins…posted them on a doll forum and ended up making 40+ sets of these Now I wish I’d kept a set for myself; I don’t own even ONE of my own babies, and I’ve made somewhere around 500 babies in my 10+ years of reborning.

So cute Karen!

If I remember correctly, I sold them for $150/set, and I was teaching preschool at the time, and I had to take a week off from my JOB so I could make dolls. Heck, I made a lot more making dolls than I did teaching preschool, so why not, right? Finding the outfits was actually the tricky part; I bought up all the denim overall sets Sears had at the time. Online shopping wasn’t the big thing it is now; I actually had to drive around and SHOP.

I’m just in shock that you didn’t keep any of your babies! How did you keep from falling in love with at least one of them? I’ve only made about 10 that are complete and kept two of those. Of the ones, I’m working on now, I know I’ll end up keeping Shyann and maybe cozy…but then I got into this to make dolls for myself and maybe a few more, not 500! I’m in shock at the number you’ve made too. But mostly can’t believe that none of them burrowed in so deep that you couldn’t sell that one.

oh how adorable are these!! thanks for sharing@!

they are so cute Karen…are they Angel face Berenguers?? Where did you find so many of those…ToysRUs??

— Begin quote from “CindyM”

they are so cute Karen…are they Angel face Berenguers?? Where did you find so many of those…ToysRUs??

— End quote

We didn’t have Toys R Us in my town in Nebraska. I got them from Kmart, mostly, and mail order from a couple of places that I’m probably not allowed to mention on this forum. Yes, they are the angel face sculpt. I still love that face. Oh, and the rosebud face, too. And the shy face. Heck, I loved those Berenguers! Up till then, I’d never seen dolls with such realistic baby faces.

It’s really not uncommon for me to have not kept any of the dolls I made. I made more than 100 of the soft-sculpture babies back in the 80’s and gave every single one of them away. Didn’t even occur to me back then to try to sell them. I also made big fabric bears at one point…probably 40 or 50 of them, and didn’t think to keep one for myself, either. I’m just a crafty gal who likes to give stuff away.

Now, all that being said…I am a doll collector with more than 200 dolls. So while I’m selling babies, I’m also BUYING. Himstedt, Masterpiece, Marie Osmond, and other artists…I just love dolls.

And my family thinks I have dolls everywhere and I only have four on display and five to play with, not counting the ones I’m working on! Trying to decide who would be more upset if I had 200…my husband for the money or my younger daughter for just being disgusted that mommy is playing with dolls! Tough choice!

Since we moved recently, I no longer have all 200 on display. I plan to rotate them according to season and the mood I happen to be in. I’ve got a huge storage closet FULL of doll boxes. I hate to think what’ll happen to them when I leave this earth…I foresee a large dumpster. UNLESS…Sophia is a doll lover! Now there’s a happy thought!!!

Leave them to Sophia…more than likely they won’t end up in a dumpster but they may be sold to pay for college! I could live with that

speaking of Sophia…any new pictures to share

Karen, They are so cute!

super adorable!!!

Those are cute! You should make up more for Christmas time!