SOS - Need some help- first reborn vinyl turning colors

So I finished my first reborn about two weeks ago. She was made from a kit purchased from the internet. The kit was properly cleaned and prepped before starting. She took the paint well. Almost too well (I got her a bit darker in complexion than I intended to do) … I used Waterbourne air dry paints by Hunnybun. Love them. She is also sealed with a satin sealer.

Today, I brought her out of the room where she is kept and noticed her face is discolored in some way. It’s difficult to describe but the colors aren’t true to what they should be. It’s primarily her face, although her arms and legs have darkened just a bit (which it may be that this slight darkening is to be expected, I’m not sure). But her face is discolored … somewhere between purple, red and brown patches Also looks like there is a patchy film from the sealer maybe?

Not sure what is happening to her. Any thoughts as to why this is happening and how I can fix her. Thanks.

Post some pictures if you can, people will be able to give you more help that way


I am so sorry! I am not sure what would cause that, but I wonder if the vinyl could absorb the paint and then kind of mix and go off color. Did you use some kind of primer before painting?

Yes, I used the primer that HunnyBun has in their kit.

In that case, I don’t think that the vinyl would absorb the paint. Which kit did this?

It may be a knockoff kit. But I didn’t know that when I bought it. I ordered it off the internet because it was 44.00 and one of the first that popped up when I googled reborn kits. I had not then heard of Bountiful Baby, HunnyBun, etc when I ordered this kit.

Could it be transfer from clothes or blanket ? Or the sun ? I have had some fading happened with Ultimate fusion paint, but never had discoloration.

Was she on any fabric? Dye from fabric can transfer and discolor the doll.

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I don’t know what happened. I didn’t have her around any fabric so far as I can remember. She is in a brighter room but not in direct light at all.

I took her apart and unstuffed her head and removed her eyes and stripped her down to bare vinyl (which was now yelkowish)… I washed her in Dawn dishwashing liquid. I dried her and then wiped her down with alcohol. Then when she was dried, I reapplied primer and then a purple wash to tone the yellow.

I then did some light flesh color and a light blushing. She is drying now. She looks better. We will see when she dries and I can seal her.

Okay, so this is after I stripped and repainted her head.

She’s still too shiny but I need to get some more matte sealer.

Aaaww, she’s cute.