Sophia went to the beach today!

Doesn’t she look EXCITED?! LOL!!!

How precious! She must have enjoyed the fresh salty sea air! THanks for sharing

Ohh, she is the sweetest baby. I wish there were a kit of her.

you just keep sharing pics of that cutie-patootie Karen…I just love her!!!

So darling… I think she is just thinking!!!

Karen, are you printing all this out for her Baby Book? She’s world-wide famous, and everyone wants to hold her! Where’s the sculpt? Where’s the sculpt? My gosh, she’s darling, and cuter every day!

Awwww…you guys are soooooo sweet! If I knew how to sculpt, I’d sure give it a try. YES, good idea! I will print all these precious comments for Sophia; she will LOVE it one day when she and I can sit down together and I can read all of them to her.

Is it any wonder I love this place…and all of YOU!!! You make my heart smile.



I love her!!! Please give her lots of hugs and kisses from us!!