Sophia and her mommy today

Play date today! Ella, held by her mommy, and Sophia, held by mommy, my niece Shauna…look how much HAIR Sophia’s getting! She’s not a complete baldy any more

How cute. Sophia’s mommy is beautiful. No wonder she’s such a cutie. How fun to have someone to buddy with!!

Sophia will be 6 months old on the 22nd…seems impossible!

Have I mentioned we’re moving there in a week and two days and that it’s MY TURN to hold her when we get there?

SOooo cutE!!!

She is a cutie! Bet you can’t wait to get there. Is your new house close by? Or are you already planning to steal her for overnight visits?!!!

They are beautiful.

Beautiful family Karen!!!

Oh, lucky you! Sophia continues to be charming and beautiful!