Soooooo......Caleb and Rosebud?

Are they considered preemie-sized or micro-preemie? I’ve been Googling babies till I can’t look at one more tonight.

Okay, thanks Katy! You might have saved me from going cross-eyed tonight.

Here is a link that might help.

In my opinion, both are more full term babies in looks rather than either preemie or micro-preemie…they are more miniatures, in that true preemies have very long thin limbs, no real body fat etc. But they sure are cute!!!
Hugs, Barb

I can’t wait to see Caleb; he’ll be here soon…right now I can’t even imagine how little he must be. I’m so excited!

I’ve always seen on other sites the “toy” dolls described as micro…like around 10 inches or less…more of a toy for a child than for reborning. Plus, they definitely do not look like preemies or newborns; the proportions are way off. Take a look at the small dolls at the bottom of the BB Gallery page; those are toys for little girls, maybe for a girl to paint a baby along with Mom.