SOOOOO over the MOON!

As most of you know Stef Baldwin and I had a Reborn baby in a play (called REBORNING) at SF play house last June and it went over VERY well !!!
We just found out that we have been nominated for a PALACE OF FINE ARTS AWARD !!! We are in the drama specialties division–Just a nomination is a HUGE honor !!!
San Francisco: 'Cinderella' coming to African-American Shakespeare Company | Stark Insider … inees.html

Congratulations are definitely in order!!


WOW!!! Congratulations to both of you, Cher! That’s amazing!

Now, don’t forget us little people back here who knew you “when” when you get all famous!

I’m sooooo, so happy for you!



There is a thread about the Play REBORNING at the SF play house some where on here in baby talk -they used our Michelle and she even had a bio in the play program !!! Her stage name was Eva and we saw the play 3 times (I cried every time!!!) She was auctioned off last summer at the theater to raise money for 2012 plays and brought in a nice chunk of change for them!(She auctioned for $150 more than they paid for her .so that was nice.
Stef and I were invited to come and get up on stage and answer questions about the dolls and the art of Reborning (this is called a talk back!) We passed around babies and the audience loved them !! It was very fun and this is a very unexpected honor !!!

Congrats. Do you have your gown ready for the red carpet event?! This is amazing and a great honor for the two of you and the art of reborning.

I am freaking out about that very thing Kim -I have NOTHING to wear to something like that!!!-Do they even make formal wear in size5x5(you know 5 foot tall and 5 foot wide !)

Thank you Marlen and everyone -its quite a surprise!!!

CONGRATULATIONS CHER & STEF! You are both very deserving and it must be so exciting for you!

YES!! Feel the love! Start writing the acceptance speech–oh, but, what will live Eva say?
What a blast! Congratulations!

Congrads, what an honor!!! Doing a happy dance for you both.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Great news!!!

I am so excited for you and Stef - congrats! Keep us informed…

glad to see you get the recognition you deserve. Congratulations! Doing the happy dance for you!

Thank you everyone -still in shock !!! WE need A pinch !!!(AND A GOWN !!!)

What to wear? Long black skirt out of a slinky knit. Top of loose fitting black slinky knit with mettalic accents and lots of sequins and crystals that catch the light. Wear your hair up in a big bun with sleek look in the front. Or even a ponytail with your hair sleeked back… (very popular at the oscars). Most important to wear something that you think you look beautiful in and that you feel sexy as heck in. lol It is easy to do…just look at the larger singers like Aretha. Important thing to remember is that the top needs to be loose fitting wth a lot of eye catching and light catching accents.

BTW…CONGRATULATIONS X 30! Very nice honor.

Wow! Congratulations to both of you ladies. Make sure you both do us proud.

Just being nominated is huge -Ill have a heart attack if we WIN!!!LOL
we want to take a baby -WHAT should she wear ??? OH my !!!


Happy Happy Happy Dancing!!!



That’s awesome! Congratulations!