Someone stole the syhanne sculpt how wrong

isn’t this crazy it says this baby cries what jerks I would be so mad

I think someone posted about Shyann in another thread. I don’t believe that @EmilyBB or @bbsupport ever responded so it must be OK with NEVIN.

No, it is not OK with us.

Our trademark/copyright/patent attorney is Christopher Day, of the Christopher Day Law Firm, in Scottsdale, AZ. The case has been referred to him.

Sometimes, though, the wheels of the law turn slowly. So, stay tuned, and have patience.

Thanks to everyone for your concern on this matter. We really appreciate it.

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby


Can you please see the thread on the silicone - I am not sure I have made myself clear or explaining copyright correctly - thanks :slight_smile:

The box underneath Shyann looks like Chrissy.

Thanks for letting us know, BB! I figured that it wouldn’t be in BB’s interest to have one of their dolls mass produced because that affects our sales and then would make us not want to use BB sculpts which would affect their sales. Just tried to find the doll description on google and couldn’t. Where did you see it?

A friend sent me a link but the link isn’t working anymore so hopefully bb got it straighten out!!