Somebody Stop Me! I'm Outta Control!

I have been “good” for quite a while and have not purchased any new kits. However, my ex finally made his first child support payment and I think I have gone a little crazy. First, I ordered two Noah Awake by Reva Schick, then I pre-ordered Penelope by Alicia Toner and then I ordered Celeste for the next challenge.

The crazy thing is, I have only completed two reborns so far and now I have a huge collection of kits! I think it’s official. I’m a crazy reborn lady!


THE ADDICTION HAS HIT!!! Good Luck with the rest of your reborning life!!! We can’t help you-----we have it too, LOL !


Yep, you’ve got it!! You have officially joined “the club”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yep I just keep buying kits and as long as it takes me to do one baby I can probably make it another 2 years before needing another HAAAAAAAAAA! I think I have 8 kits LOL.



lynn is right all we will do here is encourage you in this addiction lol
every few weeks i say ok no more for a while you have enough stocked up
then well the addiction hits and i cant help myself

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Hahaha!!! So true!!!

What’s sad is that I took a break during tax season and now school is out and I haven’t started reborning again, yet I’m still buying kits. This is a long weekend so I’m ready to dust off my Nuwave and get back to it!

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Welcome back! I think we are all a little crazy in a good way, “we create babies” a wonderful reborn world. :smile:


Welcome BACK to the club!..I gave up reborning back in August 2014 due to some health issues…That lasted about 3 months…hahahahaha! I have over 50 kits here and I keep looking for more…I quit doing BB kits for a while…but I am back to them…doing some of the older ones that I did years ago…I have a “Then and Now” page on my website and am going back through photo files of all the BB kits that I did in the past and am buying them again and redoing them to see how much change my paint style has gone through over the last 6 years…It is becoming an obsession trying to get all the old kits again…lol Soooooo you are in good company here…We are all reborn-aholics… :wink: