Some wig questions

Following on from my yellow headed baby thread, I have decided that given the shipping costs involved in sending her to someone, I’m going to try to fix her myself with a wig. The yellowing is worse where the hair is and the top of the head, a wig will hide it if I style it carefully. I have found this one which I like as it has a clear cap:

I have a few questions before ordering one though. Firstly, my baby’s head is 13.5" so do I go for 12-13" or 14-15" ? Does anybody know what their like, if their hard to apply and so on? What can I fix it in on with? Also, what about the old hair, should I leave it for the glue to get more of as hold on or shave it off as short as possible?

I’ve also found this one but I don’t know if it will be as realistic as the clear one might be:

Does anyone have any experience of either of them?

Id take the original hair off. Otherwise you’ll glue the wig to the hair and it’ll move around. You can just shave it off as short as possible.
I’d take a size 12-13.
BB has a tutorial on how to attach the Kemper wig;

Thank you☺. Is there a bit of ‘give’ in them if it ends up a little bit tight fitting? And I take it that it’s 12-13 in either model?

I have no experience with these particular wigs, so I can’t say for sure. But since they both seem to be partial wigs, it should fit nicely.

What is a partial wig? Will it only fit on the top of her head instead of all the way round or something?

Added as I can’t edit:

Will PVA glue (Elmers glue) secure to vinyl? I have a big bottle of this and it dries clear so it’d be great if it will work. Alternatively, has anyone ever sewn a wig on? As her head is so soft and already ful of holes from the current hair, I’ve an idea if I took it off, I could sew it in place, with or without the glue.

That particular wig is on the small side. I’d go with the 14-15 and trim it a little if necessary. A partial cap wig is secured only on the top portion of the head. Elmer’s glue might work but I use Aleene’s tacky glue for wigs.

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Oh dash, I’ve already ordered the 12-13! Has anyone here used that company and know if I can change it before it’s shipped?

I thought I’d put an update on this as you’ve all been so helpful with the problem I had.

I got my order changed for the bigger wig and I’m so glad I did! It arrived this morning and is a perfect fit, thank you so much Jeanhai☺ for recommending I get the bigger one, as the 12-13 would have certainly been too small. I tried it out and I’m really happy with it, it will need a little shaping obviously but I’m used to working with hair so that’s no hardship😊 . The biggest issue will be fixing it on, I’ve shaved off the old hair leaving a tiny bit for the glue to have some gripping surface, but I’m still toying with the idea of sewing it. Will update with some pictures when it’s done☺.

I used both glue and a few stitches to hold the 2 wigs I’ve done. I used one of the long doll needles and upholstery thread to blend in with the hair color, although the stitches don’t show. I put a stitch at the crown, one near each ear, and a couple in the front. I placed the stitches back from the edge and parted the hair making sure I didn’t catch any strands in with the thread. I glued in between the stitches as I went, then glued all around the edges of the wig. If you sew yours, please share your technique with me. I love learning new ways to make my dolls better!

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Well whoever said Elmer’s glue wouldn’t be strong enough was right - it wasn’t. The wig came off instantly and nothing was going to make it adhere to the vinyl.

I don’t have any other glue so opted for sewing it on. I sewed four points in the very top of the head, another four about an inch down then stitched right around the base of the wig so it can’t lift up. It wasn’t too difficult with a long doll needle although if the vinyl wasn’t so soft it would have been much harder both to get the needle through and feel if it was in the right place.

There are ‘air pockets’ in places but that’s probably my inexperience at the task, their not really noticeable under the hair and more importantly it is stuck down like a limpet to a rock!!