Some seconds kits on sale for 19.97

Why did I go to the home page, lol. I just ordered 3 kits.


Lol Which ones did you get? I’m waiting for a doll to sell before I can buy, so hopefully he sells soon before they’re all gone :joy:


Dominic, Elizabeth m Brittany. I don’t even remember seeing Brittany before.


I am going to have to block the site. I have little to no self control. I keep spending all my profits on more kits and supplies. I now have.enough stock that every doll I make for the next 12 months should be all profit. But I know I’m probably just going to keep spending more. I have never ever had a shopping problem. I don’t care to have new things and I refuse to buy anything full price. But these darn babies have made me lose control. :grimacing:


I know exactly how you feel. I have like 5 or 6 totes of kits. I’ve been good for about a month, lol. I hadn’t brought any kits. I keep checking for Landon Awake, why I don’t know, cause I’m not gonna pay full price for him. I guess it’s a habit to check the homepage 50 times a day.


I couldn’t resist looking. Dominic awake AND Nevaeh! Oh the temptation. I almost justified it. But my husband’s birthday is Tuesday. And my daughter and grandson’s birthday is Wednesday. I shouldn’t spend money on myself right now. Plus, beyond all the other kits I just had to have, I have realborn June and Mary by Olga Auer that I haven’t even had time to start on. There isn’t a kit in existence that I NEED right now. They will all go on sale again before I would be able to work on them anyway. Resist. Resist. Resist. :grimacing:


Until I read your post, I completely forgot that I already have June. These sales are killing me!

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Not looking, lol!


Ha Ha Ha, check the site 50 times a day, I thought I was the only one that did that. I already have over 100 kits and I didn’t resist the sale last week and ordered 13 kits during that sale. And now I didn’t resist the sale tonight and just ordered 8 more. I have definitely lost control, borderline hoarder for sure!

We need a support group. “Hi, my name is Katina, and I’m a kitaholic.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why are they so addicting :sob:

Hi my names Karen and I fully understand. I have 3 kits going at the same time right now. Bad idea my husband saw the three of them and commented on how I have plenty of kits. Lol if he opened the closet he would pass out.


Lucky for me, my husband is just as addicted to buying guns and ammo. If he sees me bring in a new priority mail full of kits, he just justifies buying himself something. He has bought 3 guns in the past 2 days. And we all know that would equal an insane number of doll kits, money wise. I could go buy the whole lot of dolls in stock and he would actually be happy about it, so he could justify more ammo :grimacing:


Ha Ha Ha that’s so funny. Unfortunately, my yarn and fabric stashes are about as big as my kit stash. If my husband says something to me about it I just remind him that he has garage and a shed full of items for his hobbies plus some storage in the basement and I’m only taking up part of the basement for mine.

My hubby is a Musician…very expensive! But I also think they weight out how much money we make…the more we make the more we can spend. I think of it as God’s money, which it is, so I try to keep it in check and he does also now :slight_smile:

Good trade off. My husbands looking at a boat. I’m looking at a silicone doll lol.

I have a question about seconds. I’ve only done a few Realborns. But not once has a customer cared about the certificate. Have y’all noticed it making much difference? I buy seconds of the regular kits, and I have a few seconds of realborns in my stash. But I try to catch the first quality ones one sale, just for the certificate. Is it worth buying first quality, or does anyone even care about the silly certificate?

None of mine have cared, but I’ve found most of mine to be first time buyers and not collectors. Collectors may care, depending on the value of the kit.

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