Some rooting tooting laughter

Okay bet ya bite a chip with this one.So lets start with rooting.I hear artist talking about one strain per hole.I didnt understand because I was plugging the heck out of my doll heads.So im hearing about 39.40.43 barb…german…fork…crown and other needles i never heard of.But anyway Im learning in my own way.So i checked the websites some in Canada and some in Germany…Ok I cant hang with that.Ill try bounty picker upper needles…I guess this can get complicated…


Kim has a great video for some different needles


When I rooted for the first time, I had plugs galore. I was using a 38 gauge needle. After asking questions on here n watching the needle tutorial by Kim. I use 42 gauge crown needles. I get much better results. I watched a tutorial not too long ago. Don’t remember who it’s by. But they used a 3 needle tool. It didn’t cause any plugging. Makes rooting much quicker. It was 20.00. Eventually I plan on buying one myself to try. It comes from Germany, I think, not sure.

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Thanks Ms…where did you buy your needles

I brought some from BB, from dolls by sandie n hunnybuns.

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You welcome