Some questions about baby doll

Hi! I’m a new reborn doll lover.
I thinks they are fantastic and soooo cute. :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’m not very clear about what does the kit means. why so many dolls have similar face but with different name?How can I know the real creater of a reborn doll?
Thanks to anyone who can help me.
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Hi! And welcome to the hobby!

A doll kit is the blank unpainted vinyl or silicone pieces of a doll which have been sculpted by a sculptor in clay, then had molds made from these sculptures and poured into whatever material they will be made of. The reason some babies may have similar features is they may have the same artist who sculpted them or they may simply have similar features, each kit with a different name will be different from another kit even if they look similar as they are from different sculptures, And thus different kits!
As for identifying original work I recommend reading lots here on the forum about what makes a good quality reborn.

What is called a kit is the head, arms, and legs. Somtimes a body is included, sometimes not. Many kits with the same face are manufactured, then reborn artists paint them to look like real babies. The same face can look different but similar, depending on the artist. Sometimes the artists give them a new name that’s different from the sculpt name even if it’s the same kit. The creators of the kits are sculptors. Creators of the finished dolls are the reborn artists. Be very careful when buying a reborn. If it’s advertised as full silicone and costs $100, it’s a scam. Real silicone dolls cost thousands. There is a thread on this forum with a list of scam sites. If you’re unsure, ask us. and are legitimate sites. I hope this helps.

Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for your patiently explain :blush:

You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is the most recent list I have made of SCAMS to stay away from


I’ve shared on my nursery page as well. Just wanted to say thank you for all you’ve done regarding this.
I saw some fussing in a group about “not being able to read the list” (which I can just click on it lol)
What noone seems to realize (or care) is that you didn’t have to do that, you don’t have to continue to update as each new one is found and there is alot to list.
So I just wanted to say thank you!:heart::heart::heart:


Thank you I’ll be careful

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This is some visual examples for you:
This is unpainted/blank kit ‘Johannah asleep’

This is Johannah as completed reborn baby painted by different artists (ignore those with open eyes as she is just came out - same baby, but awake version)

Sometimes artists like to use a name which is NOT the name of the kit, so Reborns search will included those also, just ignore them.

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This isn’t a reply not really. I am also just getting started. my question, is I want to use air dry pt but do not know what colors match with the colors that you see on instructions with heat set paints. Is there a chart or something that will help me. I would appreciate any advice I could get Thanks

What brand of air dry are you using?

I haven’t really someone suggested Folk art

Don’t use Folk Art it is a ‘craft’ paint and not designed for reborning and won’t hold up. If you want to use a ‘craft’ paint to see if you like the ‘art’ or just for yourself, well, that’s on you, but please don’t sell babies painted with Craft Paint, it’s unfair to the buyer. @MMER

Thank You I didnt know thats why Im asking could you recommend a air dry paint

There are quite a few. You just have to make a choice and go or it, we all have our favorite but off of the top of my head;

Liquitex - I use these
Golden another favorite BB sells them
Reborn FX Macphersons sells them
Cheairdrypaint @cher_simnitt sells them
Miracle Blend
There are probably others. Good Luck!

I’ve always used air dry and really like them. I’m currently using Liquitex Professional Soft Body and Hard Body Paints. I like the results I get and I like that I can just go buy them at Michael’s. The only other ones I’ve used were LDC and Luminaire. I had a very bad experience with Luminaire. After curing for 4 weeks the paint came off when I started rooting. Customer service would not respond to my many emails. This was a toddler size doll. I had to strip the whole thing and start over. I threw the paints out and I don’t recommend them. Golden seems to be popular and the others are used by some forum members. Just make sure that whatever you choose is artist grade, not craft.

I use golden and really like them as an air dry paint option!

I use a mix of waterborne and Golden.
Yes please don’t use folk art. I tried that when I first began painting and couldn’t figure out for the life of me why even so thinner it was chalky, the doll ended up being trashed over fading and peeling. Was easier to start with a quality paint

Thank you for all of your recommendations. Now I just need to know what colors I would need to start a kit. Is there a site that could tell me.

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